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After a long time, I'm finally able to step into Gen 6 of pokemon. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, this chickadee is going to Kalos in Pokemon Y.

I had been hoping for a Pokemon "Z" but it seems the great thinkers of Nintendo said "Nope."
So I'm getting a solid black 3DS XL. And no, not to mourn the loss of "Z", it's just because if I wanna get a metal case cover it'll look nicer with black as the base. I hate when things clash ever so slightly like that. Anyways.

As to the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, meh.  Also, so far, Omega Ruby is my choice. But we'll see where the version exclusives fall. Not overly fond of Hoenn but who knows, maybe they'll surprise me and grant me one of three things:

1. Not using the Hoenn region: Unlikely, but they did say "whole new world" and I don't think Aladdin was involved so... 

2. MORE HAIR COLORS. Tons of crazy hair colors and styles in the pokemon world. Bring 'em on, Nintendo.

3. Gen 2 Starter Mega-Evolutions. Make. It. Happen. Think of it. Mega-Feraligatr as a water/dark or a water/dragon. Shoot, make him a water/fire! Bring on that bada$$ beast!! 8D

Aright, onto plans/things for Y.

-- Transferring all my pokemon up to BW2 games to take into Gen 6. This includes legends for trade fodder, old teams (to re-create with as perfect 31 IVs as I can and still have egg moves), and whatever else I need like my foreign ditto and my shiny ampharos. *w* Shiny mega-ampharos. Glorious...

-- Get the IV dittos in all combos for breeding. I've done crazier, I have all the dittos with all the natures and all natures with a synchronize, all named with the natures (like an adamant ditto is "Adamant-D", modest synchronizer "Modest-S") and organized by what they boost.

-- As to starters for Y: Probably the Chesnaught line. The fox needs to trim its ear-hair and the frog was cool until I realized the scarf was a tongue. Seriously, can you imagine tasting something like a Sludge Wave or worse, Gastro Acid, on that tongue!? (Though I guess this proves the "If you keep making those sorts of faces it'll get stuck that way" thing you mom always told you about.)
Secondary starter will be a charizard because yeah. Boss dragon. Gotta have it. I'd love to get a shiny charizard Y.

-- Rest of the storyline playthrough team is largely unplanned. Come what may but Lapras will probably be on it. (I wanna ride a big Nessi. T-T Don't judge. )

-- SHINY POKEMON IMMA TRY TO GET (but probably won't get to all of 'em)
Charizard (Gonna go AFTER this)
Furret (Need it for a team I'm planning.)

Can't think of anything else.

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