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--SoC-- Kraken by silveraquila
--SoC-- Kraken
Inspiration was an octopus and a colossal squid.

Alright, the last of the creatures to date.

The kraken is a large animal that lives in warmer waters. They are cannibalistic, eating other cephalopods as well as a diet of fish and crustaceans.
They have been known to attack fishing vessels, more to get at the large catch of fish then the people, however they are very dangerous if they get a hold of you. Each sucker has a fang-like "tooth" to hold prey.
--SoC-- Dragon by silveraquila
--SoC-- Dragon
A dragon species for the new thing we're writing. I'm not going to lie, this took like a week or two to get how I wanted it.

I wanted to play off of the more traditional artwork of dragons while blending in inspiration from dragons I loved from movies and books as a child, and keeping it somewhat realistic so it could actually function.
The movies and books I drew from are:
- Dragon from the 'Pagemaster'
- The book called 'Voyage of the Basset'
- Tales of EarthSea. A fairly recent movie, I didn't much like it but the dragons were really nicely done.


Creatures of myth, they were far more common in older days. However man was not kind to them for thousands of years, attacking their adolescents searching for new territory and massacring nests of hatchings left them struggling. Around the birth of the Draconics, things became easier on the ancient beasts. They acted as liaisons to the other races and vicious defenders of dragon nests and territories, fighting as an army for their chosen kings.

Most dragons don’t breed often, only once about every hundred years. Eggs are few, and some die before they hatch. Growing up is never easy, and few reach adulthood. However, the elder dragons are enormous. Typically they live on remote islands where fish are plentiful, but as there are only so many islands, dragons have moved inward and attack livestock and whatever else they can find.
The dragons speak in their own tongue, which only the draconics seem to understand.

Please don't steal this art, thank you.

--SoC-- Jen Song by silveraquila
--SoC-- Jen Song
Alright, Jen Song, one of the Pirate Lords in SoC.

Beauty matched with deadliness and cunning. She claims to have royal blood from the same line as the emperor.
Previous husbands kept “disappearing” shortly after their weddings, leaving the pale harpy with a dangerous mix of wealth, power and influence that is legally hers. She has collected a vast amount of knowledge and is a skilled blackmailer since she knows all the dirty little secrets.
She holds many nobles in the palm of her hand. Song rarely acts herself, instead using a network of those loyal to her to do her work. But when she gets up to deal with a matter herself, she proves to be more then capable.    

Jen Song is mine.
--SoC-- Kieran by silveraquila
--SoC-- Kieran
Super basic pic, I know. I just wanted to get it down on paper. (The horns feel a bit bulky to me, but it may just be my screen...)

That style of armor was chosen because it sorta looks like the large plate scales on the belly of a dragon. It will most likely be tweaked a bit but there you go.

Kieran is a draconic, a race of dragon-like people.
Abandoned shortly after he was born, he was taken in by a group of assassins that would raise kids they found and turned them into assassins that were a couple steps above your average hitmen.

He was the only of his "class" to survive the harsh training (in part due to him being draconic). During this time, he was blinded in one eye due to a mistake. Over the years, it was drilled into his mind to be flawless, as an assassin could not afford to make mistakes or be sloppy. As such, he became perfectionistic, valuing precision and efficiency highly, and gets irritated if something under his watch fails to meet the standard.
As such, he's not the best with children. (not to mention looking like a killer).

Kieran is the strongest of the crew but works as the cook on the ship as he isn't overly social. The crew by and large are afraid of him on some level, as his methods in combat can be disturbingly efficient.
Kieran is usually left to guard the ship, but does come along if it's requested.

Kieran is mine, no stealing.
--SoC-- Behemoth (standard) by silveraquila
--SoC-- Behemoth (standard)
Another creature for an upcoming rp called the Behemoth (because I couldn't think of anything else that fit).

While discussing creatures with :icond1g1m0ncrazy:, the subject came up for a general monster thing that would run around and cause trouble, like a goblin or ogre that wasn't a goblin or ogre. Because I'm meh on them since that's what everyone does.
Anyways, after getting offline for the night, I doodled something that I thought might work?
I drew inspiration from a rhino, an alligator and a pig. (very crude stick figure of a man on the left for scale :cough:)

Bulky, fairly fast and run in packs maxing out at about 10, though most are around 5-6. They are carrion eaters, though when hunting they prefer to ambush with a large bite, they have high endurance and can run prey to exhaustion, taking turns until the animal is down.
Rather aggressive, they won't hesitate to snap up an easy meal of a human.
The "easiest" method of killing one is shooting it in the mouth and up into the brain or through the eye into the brain, or manage a shot to the heart. Their skull is rather thick if you don't get them square in the eye or mouth, they'll just shake it off.

Their horns are highly prized for their luster, weapon handles, jewelry and carvings are very valuable, and their hide is good for armor and the meat is favored by some.
Some out there make a living hunting these dangerous creatures, which helps keep their numbers under control.

There are different breeds of these creatures over the world.
Fill up the blanks with your favourite characters or OCs / Put their names by the numbers, too.
Answer the questions, or try to.
TAG 3 people.

1. Liam
2. Kris
3. Ethan
4. Amber
5. Duke
6. Jeff
7. Ferris
8. Derek
9. Penumbra
10. Petrel

1. What if [7] and [4] kissed?
Ferris: :D Alriiight~ Now that's what I'm talking about.
Amber: :/ Eh. I've had better.
Ferris: Hey! ToT

2. Where would [2] bury a treasure?
Kris: In my bag. No one can find ANYTHING in there. XD

3. [6] and [10] get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?
Jeff: T___T Get over here and fight like a man!
Petrel: *staying away* Are you kidding? I don't do hand-to-hand. ToT

4. [1] is kidnapped and their kidnapper demands a ransom of 1,000 dollars from [5]. Do they help [1]?
Duke: Jeff is gonna owe me big for this.
Liam: ^___^; Thank you, sir.

5. Who is stronger? [6] or [8]?
Jeff: It'd be a fairly even match. It would really depend on who was more motivated at the time.
Derek: But I'm the one that would be far more willing to kill. :iconevilgrinplz:

6. Who is [3]'s secret love?
Ethan: Well it's not exactly secret.... ^-^

7. Can [8] juggle?
Derek: Yes.

8. [1] is asked on a date by their favourite actor/actress. Do they accept the date?
Liam: 8D You bet I would~

10. A meteor is about to hit the planet.  Can [7], [2], and [10] stop it?
Petrel: T_T Still less of a destructive force then Derek.
Ferris: Yeah, we're all gonna die.
Kris: Meh, get Palkia. He can move it or something.

11. Is [9] single?
Penumbra: TnT Yes. Perpetually. *grumbles* How do I always get these questions?

13. Does [1] wish this TAG was over?
Liam: No. :)

14. [8] and  [7] are dancing to the waltz. [2] comes in and sees them dancing. [2]'s reaction?
Kris: .___. Okay. Now we know. Mixing berry juice with vileplume leaves is a baaaad idea. I'm gonna go to the nurse's office now.

15. [9] and [5] go to the movies. What movie do they see
Duke: You'll like Inception, Penny. :D Dreams within dreams, it's right up your alley.
Penumbra: An interesting concept. I'll see if I can replicate it within my labyrinth....

16. You are attacked by [1], [3], and [9]. Can you survive?
Me: Ethan? Yeah. Liam? Maybe. Penumbra? Call me a hearse, I'm dead.

17. What is [4]'s favourite color?
Amber: Oh, uh, I like pastels. :) Some light pinks, spring colors.

18. Can [7] sing?
Ferris: Not really no. >_>

19. A vampire bites [2]. [4] sees this, what do they do?
Kris: *smacks the golbat away and clutches wound* Fuuuuuudge. >_<
Amber: *comes over and starts tending to the bite right away* Oh dear, you may get a little light headed. Golbats bites thin blood considerably.
Kris: T-T Fan-tas-tic.

20. All the OC's get into a battle royal. Who will win?

Penumbra: *sits on top of all the other KO'd characters* ^___^ Was there any doubt?

Me: I tag :icond1g1m0ncrazy: :P

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