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This here? It's a thingy.

If you should care to comment on this journal, I shall reveal to you:
1. What animal/creature/Pokemon you remind me of.
2. What color I think fits you.
3. How I feel about you.
4. Insult you.
5. My favorite OC of yours.
6. What season you remind me of.
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.
8. A song you remind me of.
9. Think of a random nickname for you.
10. What element you remind me of.
11. I'll tell you to put this in your journal without using the words 'tag' or 'dare do it'.
Have Fun!


I got mine from :icond1g1m0ncrazy:, here's how she answered mine.

1. You remind me of a Bagon... because you're cool, have a lot of potential.... and you don't appreciate fairies. =P (Razz)
2. Navy Blue~
3. I love you like a sister and I really admire your skill and quick wit.
4. Your pokemon smell funny... Maybe one of them is a clown?
5. Jeff. I definitely love me some Jeff. I adore the way you write him.~
6. Autumn.
7. Honey... I guess. XD
8. Caramelldansen, because together we are completely random. Runner up candidates: Word Crimes and Numa Numa.
9. Your new nickname shall be Quill! XD
10. You remind me of the element Ag (Silver). =P (Razz)
11. Put this in your journal if you want, Big sis! Either way, i hope you enjoy my answers... XD

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hey thanks so much for the fav! i really REALLY appreciate it!!~
awesome gallery btw!! keep it up!!! :happybounce:
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Thanks for the fave!
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Your avvie could cause a seizure. X_X And you're welcome.
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Thank you so much for the fav on:
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