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It is a VERY sad day when I can't find new memes to use for Neopets characters.

Moving on, reusing one I did for pokemon characters.


- Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
- Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Giggle


1) Taka
2) Reko
3) Mherjn
4) Raa
5) Viper
6) Rhox
7) Albinell
8) Marannia
9) Howler
10) Defalle


1. How will [1] describe [6]?
Taka: Rhox? She's a nice girl, good shot, works hard, does as she's told, knows how to fix stuff. :) I like having her around.

2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them?
Raa: Thank you, Defalle. *glides out of the closet* There was not nearly enough space in there.
Viper: *had been taking up 75% of the closet and nearly falls out in a scaly heap* T-T
Defalle: How did you get trapped in there?

3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?
Reko: TnT *drags the kid and throws him in the brig* Next time, don't drink the rum Viper leaves around!
Albinell: Ah come'n. D:
Reko: You'll stay there until your sober! ToT *storms out*
Albinell: ;_; No one loves meeee... *passes out*

4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.
Reko: You missed a tuft of fur there. *flops on his bed*
Howler: *trying to pull out his shedding fur* -_-; I hate this time of the year.

5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.
Mherjn: I don't have a theme, I don't think. But I'm fond of honey ham. It's so good. <3

6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.
Marannia: .... *shrugs and gulps it down* :P I'll hack it up later. >:3

7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.
Viper: o___o Bartender? Make it a double. No, on second thought give me the bottle. >___< I need to kill all the brain cells related to that information.

8. So [5] was completely drunk and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!
Taka: *sitting on the bed, writing in a journal* Morning, sunshine.
Viper: GAH!! *jerks away and falls off the bed*
Taka: Not much for cuddling, are you? :P
Viper: Wha--what happened? O__O;;;
Taka: Not quite sure, to be honest. I was asleep like a proper gentleman should be at 3 am when a giant drunken snake somehow managed to trip and fall on my bed. You've been out since then.
Howler: *comes in with some coffee* Ah, your guest has woken up? :D
Taka: I would've preferred a pretty girl....
Viper: *collects self and slithers out* .___.;;;

9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?
Reko: .___. I'm not really sure how to feel about this....
Rhox: NOOOOOO!!!! ;_; I don't wanna be a pink boy!!!
Marannia: *outwardly, nothing substantial has changed as she's a snake* T__T This ain't even worth it.

10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicorns. What do [3] do to help him/her?
Taka: That uni owes me money!!! ToT
Mherjn: *calls after him* Don't you owe everyone money?

11. [4] is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. How did it happen? Does [7] do anything about it?
Raa: *sighs* T_T This "siren" thing tends to get out of hand quickly. The guy took one look at me and started proclaiming his love and telling everyone we were getting married.
Albinell: :D Can I come to the wedding?
Raa: I won't be there, Albinell.
Albinell: .... Can I go anyways? :D They got good food there.

12. [8] is being chased by evil toys in a locked toy factory with a pen is his/her only weapon. Does he/she survive through the night?
Marannia: MSPP's. Fantastic. *spits up a fire mote*
*five minutes later*
Marannia: *slithering out of the burning factory*

13. [5], [7] and [10] is having a picnic. Suddenly a giant pink donut falls out from the sky. Which one of them is likely to get hit by it?
Albinell: *under the giant donut* 8D I LOVE random events!!! *starts eating*
Defalle: That is utterly uncivilized, it could be covered in filth. Who knows where it's been?
Viper: Albinell or the donut?

14. [8] stole [6] most valuable item (or person). What happen next?
Rhox: Give back my diary! ToT
Marannia: *coiled her tail around Rhox's feet to hold her back* Mmmm. Oh what's this? Well, you seem to have a lot to say about Reko~
Rhox: *flushes pinker* Give it back! T/////T

15. [10] found a Death Note! Who die?
Defalle: ......... *thinking seriously* No... no I wouldn't stoop to such cowardly methods. *sets the notebook down*

16. [1], [2] and [4] are stay in [9]’s house while the house is surrounded by zombies! Wait, what do you mean [1] was bitten by a zombie?
Taka: T__T I keep getting bitten in these memes.
Reko: *barricading the doors and windows* How in the world are there zombies on Krawk Island in the nobles quarter? ToT This place is supposed to be safe!
Raa: *trying to clean the bite wound* It doesn't look too bad. You're lucky though, Ogrins don't come in "zombie". 8D
Taka: Still hurts like all get out. >__<

17. [7] found a time machine. What does he/she do?
Albinell: *calls out* Guys! I found a big pile of scrap metal! 8D

18. [3], [4] and [5] decided to rob a bank. How did it go?
Viper: We're pirates. Of course we did fine.
Mherjn: Not much of a bank...
Raa: At least we did it. :)

19. Oh no! [8] was hit by a fire truck! Who (in the list) will be the first one to show up in the hospital?
Viper: M-Marannia? .___. *goes over to her* Are you alright? ;_;
Marannia: Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing vital. *nuzzles him fondly*

20. Tag someone? If you don’t do tagging, tell me [6]’s dark secret. EVIL Laughter!
Me: My friend has endured enough meme's, so I won't make her do more. However.... Rhox? Yeah, school girl crush on Reko. :P She's all kinds of puppy love.
Rhox: O/////////O Hush it!
Me: And Reko is well aware. :P Actually everyone on the ship is well aware.... she's about as subtle as the pink ball of feathers that she is.
Rhox: X/////////X

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