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OC Number meme

List 10 characters.

1. Rico
2. Taka
3. Sully
4. Mherjn
5. Roxie
6. Mariana
7. Kieran
8. Aiden
9. Nanara
10. Cricket

[1] Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest?
Sully: My father was a doctor, so he made it a point that I was well learned in pretty much everything he could cram into my skull. As for the latter, I suppose the cat?
Cricket: :iconsakamotoshockedniplz:

[2] What is the worst crime (9) has ever committed?
Nanara: I... may have used my siren like abilities to convince a landlord to let me stay in an apartment for free... for two years....

[3] (1) and (4) must fix a dinner together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?
Rico: Things are running smoothly. I'm not much of a cook though.
Mherjn: As long as it's edible, no?

[4] What channel (Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, et cetera) does (5) watch the most?
Roxie: We don't have tv, though if we did I suppose something that had a lot of drama's? ^^;

[5] (7) and (3) are walking down a street at night when they hear (2) cry for help. What does (2) need help with, and will (7) and/or (3) help him?
Taka: *pinned up on top of some crates with pissed off dogs trying to get him* Dumb chains broke when I was walking by. T__T
Kieran: *glances at Sully* Fire or axe?
Sully: Fire. Just spook 'em.
Kieran: *sighs* Fine, but this just means we'll need to buy meat for dinner.

[6] Does (8) keep a clean room?
Aiden: I kinda get in trouble if I don't. >_>

[7] (5) and (10) run a country together – what state is the country in, and how is it run?
Roxie: ._. Um... well...
Cricket: :iconiconhiplz:
Roxie: Yeah. We don't get a lot done... I'm pretty sure it's all a shambles out there.

[8] (6) may have possibly come into contact with a deadly disease, so s/he’s being quarantined. They’re allowed to bring something along with them – a book or video game - to keep them entertained. What would (6) bring?
Mariana: *reading a book*

[9] (8) is kidnapped by (2) and forced to play a game of Scrabble or die – and if (8) loses, (2) will kill him. Who is likely to win the game of Scrabble, and if (8) loses, how does (2) kill him?
Aiden: 8C B-but.....
Taka: *slightly drunk* Nanara said you needed to improve yer spelling and by gum yer gonna! T__T
Aiden: ;____;

[10] What is (4)’s favorite time of day?
Mherjn: Early evening, when things are quieting down.

[11] (10), (9), and (3) get snowed in while at a cabin in the mountains. They have one twin bed, two blankets, a few bottles of water, and a little bit of beef jerky. Who gets what? Who suffers the most while they wait out the storm?

Sully: Well, we can share the bed.
Cricket: :iconbegplz:
Sully: *sighs* And I'm pretty sure Rico would get mad if we didn't give some food to the cat.
Cricket: :iconcute-plz:
Nanara: I'd soak it first. Make it a bit easier for her *not pleased by the dry cold and is bundled up in one of the blankets*

[12] If (7) could steal anything – an object, a talent, or trait – from (6), what would it be?
Kieran: I won't steal anything from her.
Mariana: *whispers* That's about as nice as it gets with him. X)

[13] Of all the characters, who has the best hygiene?
Kieran: I like being clean. Deal with it.

[14] (1), (4), and (10) are all staying the night in a haunted house. Who would be scared? Would any of them be skeptical? How does each of them sleep?
Rico: *petting Cricket who is sound asleep in his lap* Bit drafty.
Mherjn: So there are supposed to be spirits here?
Rico: I don't know. That's the rumor.
Cricket: :iconsleepycatplz:

[15] What would be the worst possible job (1) could work?
Rico: Gutting fish all day. It's nasty.

[16] (6), (8), and (9) must compete in a talent show. What do they do for their talent, and who would win?
Mariana: I don't think making potions and poisons would do well on stage. Unless people want to watch me mix a bunch of stuff, have it change colors then explode.
Aiden: I'd watch that as long as I didn't die after it. ^^;
Nanara: I suppose I could sing, but it's not overly fair to the competition due to the effect it has on people. 

[17] What is (2)’s biggest pet peeve?
Taka: There's a certain blue-haired someone that ticks me off simply by breathing. T_T

[18] If (5) won the lottery for 25 million dollars, what would s/he do with the money?
Roxie: 8D That is sooooooo much money! ^^; To be honest, I'd hide it someplace and change my name so no one will trying to attack me to get it. I live around pirates, can't be too careful.

[19] What was (10)’s favorite toy growing up?
Cricket: :iconcat-glompplz:
Rico: Me. X)

[20] (1) tags three characters belonging to other people to do this meme…! WHO ARE THEY?
Rico: Eh. Anyone who wants to I suppose. *watching Cricket nom his boot*

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