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Random Meme of Nonsense!!!
By: D1g1m0ncrazy
A totally nonsensical meme designed for pure enjoyment and creativity!
Pick 10 victims and seal their fate! >: D (Maybe mix it up a little?)

1. Liam
2. Jeff
3. Giovanni
4. Kris
5. Ferris
6. Ethan
7. Amber
8. Derek
9. Duke
10. Petrel

1) [3] woke up this morning and discovered their voice was high pitched and squeaky; how do the others react? (If their voice is already high- pitched then make it deep and gravelly.)
Giovanni: T_T *higher pitched* There are days I hate my life.
Derek: Sir, just take steady breaths. We had a slight mishap in one of the labs. Breathing normal air for a while will clear it up.
Petrel: *keeping a straight-face for fear of both Derek and Giovanni killing him horribly if he chuckles*

2) Quick, quick! [7] is the glass half full or half empty?!
Amber: Um, half full?

3) The fridge and cupboards are bare! Oh noes! Looks like it’s time to go shopping! But wait, it’s pouring rain out! [2]  and [9] play rock, paper, scissors to decide who will brave the storm!
Duke: I maintain that scissors beat rock! T~T
Jeff: Nope. 8D
Duke: Break it down to elements. Steel is super effective to rock, ergo, I won!
Jeff: Nope. 8D

4) [5] realizes the loser of the above- mentioned game forgot their umbrella and runs out after them with it. Is the recipient annoyed or grateful?
Ferris: Here. Sheri is making me give this to you. *hands umbrella to Duke*
Duke: 8D Aw, she's awesome~

5) [4], [6], and [8] are bored waiting for [2/9] and [5] to return with the food. They decide to make bets on if the two unlucky saps will catch colds out in the weather. Who wins the bet?
Kris: I don't think they will, I've been in weather like that no prob.
Amber: I'm not so sure, but I'm pretty sure at least Ferris will because he's not under an umbrella.
Derek: Why am I here again?
Duke: *returns okay* 8D I got tacos!
Ferris: *sneezes* >_< Why me?
Amber: Kris, you owe me five bucks.

6) [10] hit their head on a metal crate and now thinks [1] and [3] are their parents… Say what?
Petrel: Mom? Dad? >__<; My head is killing me.
Liam: Uh who is the "mom" in this equation?
Giovanni: That would be you.
Liam: What!? That can't work, Petrel is WAY older then me! ToT
Giovanni: .... And this is the only problem you see with this?
Liam: ._. ....Shut up.

7) Someone is singing loudly while [2] is trying to sleep. Do they cope or kill?
Jeff: >_< First thing in the morning I'm going to confiscate all the shuckle and berry juice in this stinking building. *buries head under a pillow*

8) [7] has a secret and [9] finds out. What happens next?
Amber: ._. Um, so you aren't going to tell anyone, right?
Duke: 8D Pfft, do you have to ask? You can trust me, kiddo~

9) Why is [6] afraid of [7]?
Ethan: I'm not afraid of her.
Amber: *comes in with a couple large needles* Okay, here are the injections you'll need before going into Kalos. Just the usual antibiotics and vaccines.
Ethan: O_____O I'm out. *bolts for the door*

10) [1] has the sudden, burning desire to hug someone on this list. Why is that and who?
Liam: Bro hug! 8D *tackles Ferris*
Ferris: Get him off! Get him off! >__<

11) [4] got drunk and bought a car full of flowers! What will they do with them?
Kris: *slightly tipsy* I have a right to flowers too! ToT I like flowers as much as the next girl! I frolicked in those things as a kid and made daisy chains like a pro! ._. S'just a little embarrassing when I'm with the guys sometimes these days...

12) [5], [8], and [10] decide to have an epic battle of tolerance- spicy food challenge style! Who wins?
Derek: I'd rather not burn off my taste buds at this point.
Ferris: *wolfing down the spicy food*
Petrel: *eats calmly* I've smoked for years, I can't taste much so I'm good.

13) Would [8] ever kill anyone?
Derek: Yes.

14) Uh oh, the power’s gone out! The room is pitch black. Shuffling sounds precede a definite thud… [3] manages to find a flashlight and turns it on to discover_____?
Giovanni: A room that is largely dark.

15) [1] and [2] put on a sock puppet show for the rest of the people on the list! Go!
Jeff: How did I get talked into this again?
Liam: Nymphs wanted it.
Jeff: Ah. Well that explains everything. *puts on a sock puppet that looks like a dinosaur*

16) [10] gets the honor of tagging others…. Or else attempts to draw a portrait of [6].
Petrel: *holds up a quick stick figure drawing of Ethan*
Ethan: Seriously. You can disguise yourself to be anybody and you can't draw?
Petrel: This isn't my medium.

Link to it for those who want it.…

I liked this, thanks :icond1g1m0ncrazy: !! 8D

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