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Greymon Night by silveraquila
Greymon Night
Greymon as a whole seem to have a thing for bridges...

Anyways, finally figured out the scanner so it doesn't eat everything I love.

Greymon belongs to the digimon guys.
Greymon Sketch by silveraquila
Greymon Sketch
Drawn today, I had a surge of inspiration. Dumb scanner ate all my details... :noes:

Greymon isn't mine, I just like drawing big ol dragony lizards.
GiftArt for D1g1m0ncrazy by silveraquila
GiftArt for D1g1m0ncrazy
My word. It's color. :noes:

A two week late christmas gift for my "lil' sis", :icond1g1m0ncrazy:
Scanner ate my blues. All it needs now is something borrowed and new and it'll be set. *crickets chirping*
._. Yeah, forget I said that....
Birthday Gift -- Mega by silveraquila
Birthday Gift -- Mega
This is a birthday gift for :icond1g1m0ncrazy:.

Kiddo, you have NO idea how hard it is to find refs for these two Megas. Mawile is always turned away in the pics. :noes:
Anyways. I wanted to do more of a symmetrical tribal design with this, like what you'd see on a tattoo or something. And bonus, it looks kinda like a flower.

Hope you like it, "lil sis".

Mega Mawile, Mega Gardevoir and the megavolution symbol belong to the Pokemon folks.
Art is mine, gifted only to :icond1g1m0ncrazy:.

Fill up the blanks with your favourite characters or OCs / Put their names by the numbers, too.
Answer the questions, or try to.
TAG 3 people.

1. Liam
2. Kris
3. Ethan
4. Amber
5. Duke
6. Jeff
7. Ferris
8. Derek
9. Penumbra
10. Petrel

1. What if [7] and [4] kissed?
Ferris: :D Alriiight~ Now that's what I'm talking about.
Amber: :/ Eh. I've had better.
Ferris: Hey! ToT

2. Where would [2] bury a treasure?
Kris: In my bag. No one can find ANYTHING in there. XD

3. [6] and [10] get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?
Jeff: T___T Get over here and fight like a man!
Petrel: *staying away* Are you kidding? I don't do hand-to-hand. ToT

4. [1] is kidnapped and their kidnapper demands a ransom of 1,000 dollars from [5]. Do they help [1]?
Duke: Jeff is gonna owe me big for this.
Liam: ^___^; Thank you, sir.

5. Who is stronger? [6] or [8]?
Jeff: It'd be a fairly even match. It would really depend on who was more motivated at the time.
Derek: But I'm the one that would be far more willing to kill. :iconevilgrinplz:

6. Who is [3]'s secret love?
Ethan: Well it's not exactly secret.... ^-^

7. Can [8] juggle?
Derek: Yes.

8. [1] is asked on a date by their favourite actor/actress. Do they accept the date?
Liam: 8D You bet I would~

10. A meteor is about to hit the planet.  Can [7], [2], and [10] stop it?
Petrel: T_T Still less of a destructive force then Derek.
Ferris: Yeah, we're all gonna die.
Kris: Meh, get Palkia. He can move it or something.

11. Is [9] single?
Penumbra: TnT Yes. Perpetually. *grumbles* How do I always get these questions?

13. Does [1] wish this TAG was over?
Liam: No. :)

14. [8] and  [7] are dancing to the waltz. [2] comes in and sees them dancing. [2]'s reaction?
Kris: .___. Okay. Now we know. Mixing berry juice with vileplume leaves is a baaaad idea. I'm gonna go to the nurse's office now.

15. [9] and [5] go to the movies. What movie do they see
Duke: You'll like Inception, Penny. :D Dreams within dreams, it's right up your alley.
Penumbra: An interesting concept. I'll see if I can replicate it within my labyrinth....

16. You are attacked by [1], [3], and [9]. Can you survive?
Me: Ethan? Yeah. Liam? Maybe. Penumbra? Call me a hearse, I'm dead.

17. What is [4]'s favourite color?
Amber: Oh, uh, I like pastels. :) Some light pinks, spring colors.

18. Can [7] sing?
Ferris: Not really no. >_>

19. A vampire bites [2]. [4] sees this, what do they do?
Kris: *smacks the golbat away and clutches wound* Fuuuuuudge. >_<
Amber: *comes over and starts tending to the bite right away* Oh dear, you may get a little light headed. Golbats bites thin blood considerably.
Kris: T-T Fan-tas-tic.

20. All the OC's get into a battle royal. Who will win?

Penumbra: *sits on top of all the other KO'd characters* ^___^ Was there any doubt?

Me: I tag :icond1g1m0ncrazy: :P

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